Borrowing Rates (a.k.a. Interest Rates, or cost of borrowing) are automatically computed based on your qredit score. These are earned by the lenders.

The higher your Qredit score is, the lower your cost of borrowing will be.

On a 30-day basis they are:


Grade A = 2.0%

Grade B+ = 3.0%

Grade B = 3.5%

Grade C+ = 4.0%

Grade C = 5.0%

Grade D = 6.0%

Users can no borrow Solana. You can only borrow USDC-sol and soon USDC-matic. We're working on USDC-eth and USDC-ava.

Processing Fees (Marketplace Fees). These are earned by theQuestHub to keep the lights on.

Aside from the interest rates that the lender earns, the platform also charges 3% fee for every successfully disbursed borrowing. If the borrower wants to extend the 30-days, he can do so by paying 1% fee to

Sample Computation

This is a sample computation for a qredit score A.

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