Who is this plan for

  • For active web3 community members, community builders or community managers that want to collaborate with their community in different timezones

  • For non-technical web3 builders or community managers that need to get shit done

  • For core team members of web3 projects wanting to do tasks with their community (e.g. lore development, community initiatives, giveaways, community networking)








@mention collaborators

Post tasks and add up to 11 individual collaborators

Post tasks and add as many (∞) individual collaborators

@mention any Discord or Twitter User



Date and Time Scheduler Widget



Edit Own Posts


Create Public Posts



&supermention all holders of an NFT, if you hold that NFT.


Create 5 +teams


Participate in Community Initiatives

Create Community Initiatives


Coming soon

Coming soon


Chat Support

Priority Chat Support

Get Started

We accept $9 to $90 in equivalent MATIC or SOL or stablecoin.

$90 for 1 year plan.

To get started simply click on the chat button in the lower right corner 👉

it looks like this:

but bigger 👉

you can also email [email protected] for inquiries.

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